About us

About us

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The Editorial Team of the TSSR Volume IV.

The Trinity Student Scientific Review is now in its fourth year of publication. It was founded in 2015 by a group of seven students from the university,  in order to offer undergraduate science students the opportunity to engage with academic writing. We are delighted to welcome the Editorial Board for Volume IV of the review.





Conor Rossi is the journal’s Life Sciences Editor. Having been published in last year’s journal, Conor has previously served as Public Relations Officer of DU Trinity General Science,  and is currently Treasurer of Trinity VDP. Conor was last year awarded a summer bursary from The Genetics Society UK, which led to a position researching at the University of Edinburgh. Conor is a SS Genetics student.






Áine McCabe is one of our assistant Life Sciences Editors. Áine is a committee member of DU General Science Society and is involved in S2S. Áine last year won TCLR Alternative Perspectives essay competition with an essay on how genetics and the law interact. Áine is a JS Biochemistry student and a Scholar of Trinity College Dublin.






Alva Casey is an Assistant Life Sciences Editor at the journal. She has received a British Society for Cell Biology summer studentship to conduct research in the School of Biochemistry in Trinity. Alva is also a member of the Traditional Irish Music Society’s committee. Alva is a JS Biochemistry student and a scholar of Trinity College Dublin.







Isabel Jorgensen is our Natural Sciences Editor. Isabel serves on the Environmental Society committee and is an An Taisce Climate Change Ambassador. She is additionally an environmental educator at the Rediscovery Centre. In her work as editor at the journal, Isabel wants to make the natural sciences more accessible, and show why their importance isn’t often appreciated. Isabel is a JS Environmental Sciences student.





Eleanor Windle is this year’s Chemistry Editor. She volunteers with the Voluntary Tuition Programme and is a Trinity Yoga Society committee member. She hopes the chemistry section of the review will show the importance of chemistry as a central science to all disciplines and and encourage an interest and understanding of chemistry in Trinity. Eleanor is a JS Chemistry Student and a Scholar of Trinity College Dublin.






Andrew Connolly is the journal’s Physics Editor. He’s invested in science communication, and he hopes that working alongside the authors featured in the journal’s physics section will present opportunities for the promotion of physics research in Trinity. Andrew thinks the manner in which scientific research is carried is as important as the results achieved. He is a JS Physics Student.





Eleanor Mullen is the journal’s Vice General Manager and assists  production of the journal. She’s a committee member of both Trinity Talks Science and the 2016 Trinity College Dublin iGEM synthetic biology project. Eleanor was involved in  Trinity’s Famelab heats. Eleanor published a paper in TSSR last year and is now looking forward to contributing to the journal in a greater capacity. Eleanor is a JS Experimental physics student.






Gemma Mortell is this year’s General Manager,  with overall responsibility for the production of the journal. Gemma co-founded the Trinity Women’s Review and served as the Financial Officer and Senior Editor for its inaugural issue. She has also presented a paper to the Bram Stoker Club on the philosophy and science of animal sentience, for which she was awarded the gold medal for composition for the best paper delivered in 2017. Gemma is a JS Immunology student.




Photo credit to David O’Connor.


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