2017 Team

The Trinity Student Scientific Review was established in 2015 by a group of seven Junior Sophister students here in the college to provide a platform for science undergraduates to engage with academic writing and reviewing. It is now in its third year of publication, having gone from strength to strength with the backing of the Faculty of Engineering, Maths and Science.


The Editorial Team of the Trinity Student Scientific Review: Volume III

The current Editorial Team consists of eight undergraduate students, typically in their Sophistor years. The review process is done by an editorial team including academics and postgraduate students for each stream (Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, and Animal, Earth and Plant Sciences).



Jack Schofield is this year’s Life Sciences Editor. He is a JS Biochemistry student and was published in last year’s journal. Jack is a member of a 2016 Trinity iGEM synthetic biology project. He enjoys science communication and has written for Trinity News SciTech section. We look forward to working with Jack for this edition.



Kat Hughes is one of our assistant Life Sciences Editors. Kat is a JS Medical Student who has written many papers in her time at university, and presented reviews at Surgical Grand Rounds. She is a keen volunteer at ShoutOut Ireland and is Events Officer of Trinity’s Emergency Medical Student Society. Kat is an excellent addition to this year’s team.



Conor McLoughlin is another of our assistant Life Sciences Editors. Conor is a SS Human Genetics student, Deputy Faculty Convenor for the Faculty of Engineering, Maths and Science and School Convenor for Genetics and Microbiology. He is the former chair of the Genetics Society and has received the Vincent Scholarship to conduct biomedical and pharmacological research in University of California San Diego.



Jeff Lyons is this year’s Physics Editor. Jeff is a JS Experimental Physics student and was published in last year’s journal. He was inspired by his experience of the process last year to apply for a position on the Editorial Board of Volume III. He hopes that the authors will, under his care, come to value the experience of writing for the journal as much as he did.



Stephen Byrne is this year’s Chemistry Editor. Stephen is a JS Chemistry student and was published in last year’s journal, receiving an award for Best Freshman submission. He worked on chemical biology research in the department of Chemistry at Universität Zürich. We’re delighted to have Stephen and his wealth of experience on board this year.



Cian White is our Natural Sciences Editor. Cian is a SS Zoology student and was published in last year’s journal also. He is the events officer of ZooSoc, co-founder of the blog ‘The Typing T-Rex’ and author of the book ‘Birds of Trinity’. We’re excited for Cian to bring his passion and experience to the team this year.



Maria Cordero is this year’s Publications Manager. Maria is a SF science student and an Intel Women in Technology scholar. She’s on the committee of KnitSoc and involved in volunteering with VTP and S2S. We welcome Maria warmly to the team.



Sarah Jennings is this year’s General Manager, with overall responsibility for the production of the journal. Sarah is a JS Chemistry with Molecular Modelling student and a Naughton Scholar. She has conducted a summer research placement at Imperial College London’s Chemistry Department and has been involved in the organisation and running of debating competitions across Ireland and the UK. We welcome Sarah and her vision for the journal to the team.


We’re excited to see what this team have in mind for the journal this year. Last year’s team can be viewed at here. Photo credit to Bogdan Hrechka.