Chemistry is a field with a strong multidisciplinary nature, covering topics from biochemistry to nanoscience to medicinal chemistry. It being a subject central to many Trinity students, this section of the TSSR is one which showcases extraordinary scientific knowledge and creativity. We’re excited to see how students will engage with this rapidly evolving field in this year’s volume.


Places to Start

ACS Chemical Reviews: An excellent source of reviews on major areas of current research

Chemistry World: Short articles on contemporary chemistry

Nature Magasine: A source of the latest research in chemistry

ACS Publications: Some accounts of chemical research and chemical reviews

Wiley Online Library: A broad collection of scientific articles, journals and books

Royal Society of Chemistry: A selection of interesting chemistry journals

ScienceDirect: Collection of journals, articles and book chapters

Google Scholar: One of the best search engines for scientific papers

Scifinder: Another good search engine for papers, journals, patents etc. (use your tcd email to get access)


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